Murray GM is absolutely dedicated to genuine customer service, and in turn, produces many happy customers. Hear what some of them have to say:

June 21, 2013

Just a quick note to THANK YOU, Kash, for all of your help with the purchase of a car for our son Ryan last week. He is delighted with his 2010 Elantra. On Sunday at his church, the previous owners of the car spoke to him about it. In fact, a gentleman whose wife had the car is in Ryan's worship team. So I think it will all turn out fine. We were pleased with the positive and congenial attitude of the staff members we met besides yourself at the dealership. It a very pleasant experience

Thanks again and may God Bless you…Brian and Eve C.


March 7, 2013

We recently purchased a GMC Sierra at Murray GM. And it is our pleasure to tell you how impressed we were with the sales and assistance we received from the team there. Phil, our sales person and the young lad working with him (Aman) were both professionbal and down to earth, as well as the financial office.

We enjoyed the experience and will most certainly use Murray GM again, and send our friends to you as well.

Thank you once again.

Rudy & Suzanne D.

January 21, 2012

"Wow! The chevy is amazingly clean & shiny!" I was embarrassed when I handed you the keys because it was so dirty on the outside and shamefully nasty on the inside. You assured me that it would be clean when I came to pick up the next day. You were wrong!

The Chevy was far beyond clean!

 The exterior was literally shimmering in the sunlight and the tires looked showroom new. When I opened the door, I was instantly greeted by the fresh scent of clean; not the familiar odor of spilled coffee, greasy fries, and sour ice cream. My nose was delighted. My eyes had so much more to take in. Permanent stains on the seats and door panels were gone! Even the floor mats were stain-free. Each tiny vent slat was spotless as if a Q-tip had been used to wipe away the dust. Crumbs and whatnot were no longer stuck in the impossible to reach places

If I had "before" and "after" pictures to compare the two conditions of the Chevy, it would be obvious that the professionals in the Detailing Department spent a considerable amount of time and effort. Their workmanship is truly remarkable.


November 1, 2011

We had our Tahoe in for service today. Ryan Siemens made sure everything requested was taken care of including calling us with a time that the vehicle was available for pick up. Always a pleasure to work with Ryan. I am extremely pleased that the Tahoe was washed and clean when we picked it up. Thank you for doing this! Connie & I appreciate it VERY much and am thrilled that you go the extra mile to do something that means so much to us.

Dave & Connie Kampen 

 August 1, 2011

Thanks so much for ackowledging having our truck one year. We love our truck. Your service is outstanding and all of you are very personable and friendly. Our personal friend Parvat Bath, one of your employees, told us to come to see GM to purchase a vehicle and we are glad we did. Keep up the good work and we will see you for our next service.

George K. 

May 2011

I just wanted to advise you on the exceptional service I received in purchasing my 06 Solstice from Neil Pirani. I live in Whitehorse, Yukon and found Neil was amazing during the whole process. He was honest and upfront, and is a man of great integrity. Every question I asked he emailed, almost  immediately, any time of day or evening. I had the opportunity to purchase another Solstice for less money, but having Neil as my sales person inspired genuine confidence in your dealership and the reputation of the vehicle. He did everything possible to make this deal work, I left a very happy customer, clutching his business cards to hand out to my colleagues and business associates here in the Yukon. Any time I, my husband, my family 3 adult kids, or friends need a vehicle I will always recommend Neil. I will always buy from Neil for all future purchases. We had a great drive home and I just love the little car, fun for summer!

Deb L.

October 10, 2010

Just to let you know, we love the car! We don't drive very much so I don't think we need any work done yet - you are a very nice salesman  Leland.

Maja B