Sale Price $44.95 for a season- regular price $54.95Are you tired of storing your off season tires under your bed? In the hall closet? No room in the garage?Do you want to have the convenience of driving in - getting your tires switched and driving away? No worries about hauling them to and from the shop to get ready for the season.We have the answer for you!Murray Abbotsford service department has secure tire storage. With rims or not, 2 - 4 tires we will store them for a fee. Come the next season, drive in, let us change them over and Bob's your uncle your done (actually Bob is the service manager!) we will even wash your vehicle for you while you are here

How it works:

Simply BOOK A SERVICE APPOINTMENT to have your tires changed at Murray Abbotsford and let us know you would like to enroll in our TIRE STORAGE PROGRAM.We will remove your existing tires, replace them with your seasonal tires. All tires will be labeled with a unique BAR CODE which is directly tied to your account. They are then securely stored for the "off season" until you are ready to swap out your tires again.When you are ready to retrieve your tires, all we need is a 48 HOUR notice and we will ensure we have your tires ready to go for your appointment.

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